Veterinarians urge dog owners to get canine flu vaccine

Veterinarians urge dog owners to get canine flu vaccine

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Veterinarians are recommending dog owners in Myrtle Beach get the canine flu vaccine for their dogs.

Canine flu has not reached Myrtle Beach yet, but it's gotten as close as Charleston, and veterinarians say it's contagious, so dog owners should be cautious.

Some signs of canine flu include coughing, sneezing, light sensitivity, excessive drooling, lethargy and possibly even a fever according to Dr. Isabelle Ying at Myrtle Beach Animal Hospital.

She says the disease normally isn't deadly, but it is rather serious.

"There's only about a 10 percent chance of mortality, and those usually run with really really old dogs, dogs that are already sick and debilitated or dogs that are extremely young and don't have an appropriate immune system," Dr. Isabelle Ying said.

She says it's better to stop it before it happens.

"Prevention is definitely much better than trying to play catch up," she said. "So it's going to be a lot easier for you and your pet if you prevent the disease rather than trying to scramble and treat it afterwards."

The canine flu vaccine is available at Myrtle Beach Animal Hospital for $37.50 per injection. Two injections are recommended with the second coming a couple weeks after the first.

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