Myrtle Beach officials looking to bring more cell phone service to area

Myrtle Beach officials looking to bring more cellphone service to area

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The city is in the process of working with cell phone companies to provide more cell phone service to those in the area.

Spokesperson Mark Kruea said the city is not trying to put up tall towers here. Instead, they’re working toward bringing broadcasting equipment that could be small and easily disguised.

“We need to be able to provide service, but we want to be able to do it in a way that doesn't interfere with the money we've spent to make this an attractive environment,” said Kruea. “These need to be cell devices that are not obvious, that blend in with the other improvements we've made to Ocean Boulevard."

Kruea said more people are using cell phones and tablets, which require cell service, and that hundreds of thousands of people visiting places like Ocean Boulevard during the summer months takes up a lot of that service.

This has been a topic of conversation among city officials for about one or two years now, according to Kruea; it could be brought before city council for a final decision as soon as April or May.

This isn’t going to cost residents or the city anything. Kruea said the phone companies would install these devices at their own expense if they are approved.

We get hundreds of thousands of people along ocean boulevard, along the beach in the summertime,” said Kruea. “They need to have cell service and we're aware of that. So, this small cell technology would allow for better service but also devices that fit into the general beautification that we've made along Ocean Boulevard. Not big ugly cell towers."

The city is coming closer to making this a reality and they’re actively communicating with cell phone companies who will present which sort of devices can be used with their smaller, less noticeable cell service providers.

Council will then have a chance to see whether those devices being presented will fit into the infrastructure already in place. The goal with council is that they’ll be able to approve devices that are small enough and concealed enough to not look out of place or take away from what the city has done to make the area look nice, according to Kruea.

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