Downtown Redevelopment Corporation discusses Superblock options

Downtown Redevelopment Corporation discusses Superblock options

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The Superblock saga continues, but now instead of plans to add a children's museum and a library, the Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment Corporation discussed selling some of the buildings to Coastal Carolina University.

"Coastal Carolina University may acquire a building for the purpose of taking the building and renovating it into a theater. And the city has come up with ideas to turn that area into an art district," Myrtle Beach City Manager John Pedersen said.

On Wednesday, the DRC voted to have architect firm LS3P come up with conceptual ideas for the area.

During Wednesday's meeting of the DRC, the public asked if eminent domain is still an option. Pedersen explained that it is, until the new council votes it down.

Some members of the public didn't like that answer.

"Today you showed that you're changing the plans for the buildings you were trying to acquire and this is a cloud hanging over the whole project. People can't make decisions until they know if there buildings are going to be taken," one concerned citizen said.

House Parts owner Andrew Paulussen is one of the business owners who was threatened with the idea of eminent domain.

"The DRC and the city leaders involved in this have poisoned the well for me. When Mr. Pedersen asks for trust I'm way far away from being close to that consideration," Paulussen said.

During the Superblock discussion, Mayor Brenda Bethune joined the DRC and addressed the public. She explained that the superblock has been a passion of hers and she and the council deserve the public's trust.

"Did I ever mislead you and make you feel like it was my intent to use eminent domain to take your building? Steve, did I ever approach you? My question to you two gentlemen, today is Jan. 10, 2018. I was sworn in yesterday," Bethune said. "Forget what happened a year ago, two years ago. It doesn't matter; that is the past. How do you expect us as a council, as a city manager, as a board, to move forward in the future if you don't give us the opportunity to do so?"

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