Neighborhood residents speak out against proposed rezoning of portion of Osceola Street

Myrtle Beach City Council, residents talk proposed Osceola Street rezoning

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A heated discussion took place at Tuesday's Myrtle Beach City Council regarding the proposal to rezone a portion of Osceola Street.

The ordinance would clear the way for commercial buildings at the corner of Mr. Joe White Avenue, including residential mini storage units.

That brought the ire of two neighborhood residents, who took to the podium in council chambers to speak against the idea.

"Don't rezone it," Elizabeth Bowens said. "Leave it as it is and bring the low-income homes that it is zoned for."

Fellow resident Nicolette Hemingway said there are plenty of other properties in Myrtle Beach where the storage sheds could go.

"We are very sick and tired of people who do not live in our neighborhood, who are not from our neighborhood, who do not grow up in our neighborhood, telling our neighborhood what we should have," Hemingway said. "We do not want commercial property in a residential area."

Mayor Brenda Bethune assured the women the council is not trying to dictate the use of the property.

City manager John Pedersen said it was the owners of the property who asked city leaders to consider the rezoning, which had previously been discussed by the planning and zoning commission.

Ultimately, the council decided to hold off on voting on the first reading of the ordinance. Members said delaying the vote will give the community more time to provide its input on the proposal.

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