New restaurant opens in Superblock despite proposed plans for area

New business opening in Superblock despite proposed plans for area

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A new restaurant opened in the Superblock area on Saturday, coming months after Myrtle Beach leaders talked about using eminent domain to tear buildings in the area down and construct a children's museum and library.

The owner of the rock-and-roll-themed restaurant, Good Day Cafe, said he chose the area specifically to show the city that mom and pop businesses are what the Superblock needs. Mayor Brenda Bethune agrees.

"My theory has always been it takes one spark to make it all happen and I think this is definitely a spark," Bethune said.

Owner Kevin Andrews said opening this restaurant has been his dream and he thinks the location is perfect.

"Part of the reason we chose this location was because this is Main Street Myrtle Beach. If you go up to North Myrtle Beach, you see that it's mom and pop shops, local, vibrant, bustling. I believe this area has been neglected, not on purpose, but because they pushed everything to the beach," Andrews said.

Andrews is renting the location on a year-to-year basis, but he's hoping he'll be here longer, that is if the city does not move forward with plans for a new library and museum.

"I think instead of always knocking down and building up the corporate scene or branded business, you got to focus on the mom and pop small business," he said. "That's what drives this economy; that's what's going to drive the locals."

Good Day Café certainly drove locals on Tuesday.

"I've been here since 1959," Bettie Olivieri said.

"I've been here since 1978," her husband, Gerry, said.

The Olivieris said they would rather see the city revitalize what's already here instead of putting up something new.

"Don't tear down the history for your growth," Bettie Olivieri said.

"Don't kill the soul of this city of this town," Gerry Olivieri said..

Good Day Café is an old school music-themed café with coffee, sandwiches, salads and bubble tea.

"We want the place to be a local hangout for locals, teens, hipsters, college kids or in between who aren't sure where to go but still have a place," Andrews said.

"We want small businesses downtown. That will make it thrive. So, I'm very excited about this," Bethune said.

Andrews says he hopes to organize open mic nights at the cafe soon.

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