Myrtle Beach City Council approves golf cart, moped franchise ordinances

Myrtle Beach City Council approves golf cart, moped franchise ordinances

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – During its first meeting in 2018, the Myrtle Beach City Council approved second and final readings of two ordinances pertaining to requiring a franchise for renting golf carts and mopeds Tuesday, passing them into law.

One of the ordinances requires golf cart, scooter and moped rental businesses to obtain a franchise when renting out their vehicles. A separate ordinance would make it a misdemeanor to not have a franchise for a vehicle that is being rented and used within Myrtle Beach city limits.

City manager Jon Petersen talked about the issue coming about last Easter weekend, when there were problems with golf carts and mopeds on Ocean Boulevard. Some aerial footage from that weekend was shown that depicted mopeds jumping into bicycle lanes, running red lights and passing unlawfully.

It was noted during the council meeting that the evidence of a franchise would look like a license plate and it would be $10 per tag.

Pedersen also noted that 310 golf carts and 608 mopeds are being rented.

The city attorney said the government has the right to relegate the business of "people hauling," noting that taxi cabs are inspected and chauffeurs have to go through a criminal background check.

Read more about the ordinances here.

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