MBPD pay raise could impact other agencies

MBPD pay raise could impact other agencies

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - On Tuesday, city council will vote on the Myrtle Beach Police Department's proposal to increase officers' salaries. Many people have expressed concern about what this possible pay raise means for other local agencies.

"I think you could look at it from two sides of the coin. There could be a negative impact on the agencies," said Former North Myrtle Beach Police Chief, Phil Webster.

If the plan passes, officers will see a 1.75% increase immediately, with annual pay increases of 3% to 4% each year.

"From their standpoint this is going to attract not just quantity but I think they're going to get really good qualified, quality candidates to fill those spots," said Webster.

But for surrounding agencies, this plan could make it more difficult to keep and recruit officers.

"Obviously they may lose some of their staff some experienced officers because of the difference in pay," he said. "All the agencies are pulling from the same pool of candidates so it potentially could affect the agencies recruiting. They may lose some good candidates who want to come to Myrtle Beach."

Last month, Myrtle Beach Police Chief Amy Prock presented a graph to council, showing if this passes, certified entry level Myrtle Beach Police officers would make $44,000 a year. The graph shows that's $7,000 more than certified officers with Horry County Police Department, who earn just under $36,000.

"In Horry County, I know Chief Hill has worked hard with council to get their pay increased. And this might be the push they need to to get that pushed over the edge," said Webster.

Council will vote on this Tuesday, and if it does pass, it will go into effect on Friday.

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