Restaurant Scorecard: Broom knocks off points for one eatery, near-perfect score for family-owned business

Restaurant Scorecard

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Inspectors say a broom kept one light switch on at one spot, but a family-owned business got a near-perfect score in this week's Restaurant Scorecard.

If you're looking for 24 hours of breakfast and more, Waffle House might be on your list.

The one at 711 Frontage Road in Myrtle Beach got 81 points out of 100 at their most recent inspection. Inspectors with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control took off points for no person in charge with proper credentials.

They also took off points for an employee they say wasn't washing hands between tasks at a grill station and between glove changes after handling raw meats.

Inspectors also said a walk-in cooler light switch was being kept in place by a broom stick. A buildup of trash was also found, as was debris under the cook line and stainless tables.

Riptydz Oceanfront Grille, at 1210 N. Ocean Blvd., scored 89 points out of 100. The restaurant opened its 500 seats last August, serving up fresh seafood, prime steaks and fresh local favorites.

Inspectors took off points for no hand soap or towels at an outside bar sink.

They also took of points for food held at improper temperatures.

Inspectors said chemical bottles of sanitizer were observed behind the bar and in the kitchen without being labeled, a repeated violation that was corrected. They also noted that gloves weren't changed between handling a trash can and holding ready-to-eat food.

A near-perfect 99 goes to Firehouse Subs at 1211 38th Ave. North in Myrtle Beach. They're known for a variety of hot gourmet sub sandwiches.

Inspectors took off a point for food and debris accumulation on the floors in a dry storage area.

Finally, another near-perfect score of 99 goes to family-owned and operated Raves Restaurant at 799 U.S. 17 South Business in Surfside Beach.

The website says they serve quality comfort food at affordable prices, offering everything from coffee to homemade breakfast and sandwiches, with everything made fresh to order.

Inspectors took off just one point because they say an employee's personal items were stored on a food prep table.

Each restaurant is required to have their letter grade posted in the door or window for you to see. If you don't see it, just ask.

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