Red suitcase reunited with owner after viral Facebook post

Red suitcase reunited with owner after viral Facebook post

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WMBF) – After nearly two weeks and a Facebook post that likely reached millions of people across the country, a red suitcase found in Murrells Inlet on Christmas Day has been reunited with its owner.

"OWNER FOUND OWNER FOUND!!! OWNER FOUND!!!!" Nick Arditi wrote in an update to his Facebook post on Thursday afternoon. "The suitcase belongs to a South Carolina police officer and his family!! The suitcase has been reunited with them .... Thanks to everyone for sharing this **around the world** so that we could find the owners as seen in below picture .... The girls were very grateful to have their items back!!!"

Since it was posted on December 25, Arditi's post was shared 468,660 times and had over 22,000 reactions, with commenters indicating they were sharing the post in places including Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan, Georgia, New York and Florida, among other states.

In Arditi's original post, he said he found it on Prince Creek Parkway in Murrells Inlet after it "obviously fell off someone's vehicle."

"It's as full as can be," Arditi said. The suitcase was full of clothes, some that were new, as they still had the tags on them, according to Arditi.

He added the contents appear to belong to a young girl, between the ages of 9 and 12.

"There's a broken-hearted little girl out there," Arditi wrote in his post.

Arditi is glad that the suitcase has been reunited with its owner, but he admits, "this thing consumed my life since I posted it." He is now getting back to running his construction company, Nick Arditi Construction.

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