Florence boil water advisory has been lifted

Boil water advisory issued as utility crews in Florence work to repair water main breaks, leaks

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – The city of Florence has identified and repaired seven breaches of the city water system that caused a boil water advisory. The largest of these breaches occurred off public right-of-way on private property and not in view from the street, according to a press release.

The boil water advisory that was issued as a precautionary measure has been lifted, according to a press release from the city Saturday night around 7:00 p.m. "All samples collected and tested by the city successfully passed the bacteriological analysis," the release stated.

"We continue to see improvements within the city's service area, which includes all customers that receive a water bill from the City of Florence. All customers, except for isolated incidences, have normal pressures or should see improved pressures over the next 24 hours. As of 3:00PM today, water service has been established for the section of the city service area that was "valved off" yesterday evening," the release continued.

The city also warns citizens that discoloration of the water is normal and "result of iron deposits being "scoured" off the inside of water lines. While it is recognized that the water may appear unappealing, these iron deposits are not unsafe."

Should you experience extended discoloration, please e-mail the city at utilities@cityofflorence.com. This e-mail address is for notification purposes only and will be used to address individual or area-wide needs.

On Friday morning, city officials were flooded with reports of low pressure and complete outages. Increased production from the city's Surface Water Plant is helping to minimize the impact of water loss at elevated tanks.

City manager Drew Griffin said the extreme winter weather is making everyday services challenging..

"It's impacted sanitation which is one of the more critical things that we do on a daily basis, but it's also created a big workload for the police, the numerous wrecks and just calls for assistance have been dramatic," Griffin said.

Griffin said over the past few days, they have pumped a little over 20 million gallons of water per day. They typically pump 11 million gallons per day.

"About eight to nine million gallons of water are being lost within the system so those are significant breaks," Griffin said. "Our utility crews in the last three days have probably repaired 12 major lines. We had a very large break right in front of the city center where we had to close the street."

The combination of repairing and valving off broken water lines and isolating the section of water line is allowing the water distribution system to return to normal pressure levels, the press release stated.

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