'The calls double to triple:' Icy Horry County roads keep tow truck drivers busy

Tow truck driver shares work experiences on slick roads

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Icy roads are causing slippery conditions for drivers Thursday night, despite the fact it's been almost an entire day since the winter weather arrived along the Grand Strand.

There have been a number of accidents the last two days, so a WMBF News reporter followed around a tow truck driver on Thursday to find out how he's handling it.

"Extreme weather with snow and ice, the calls double to triple," local tow truck driver James Handler said.

Handler has been a tow truck driver for about 25 years. He says he has seen a lot of accidents in the cold weather.

"There were a lot of calls," Handler said of Wednesday. "We were backed up because road conditions. People don't leave enough space cushion. They think, 'Oh, well it's just snow. It'll be all right.'"

Handler is from Boston, so he's no stranger to driving in the snow, but he says the lack of experience driving in snow for people in South Carolina can contribute to the accidents.

"People get nervous," he said. "They freak out. They start turning the wheel. Slamming the break on. You just lose control. And now a single vehicle accident can turn into a multi-car accident."

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