S.C. man finds new meaning for 'beer on ice' in viral storm photo

S.C. man finds new meaning for 'beer on ice' in viral storm photo

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Although a man of few words, a humorous photograph of a local resident with a case of beer on top of his frozen pool is speaking many.

"Oh they were cold, they were cold. Best place to put 'em, I guess," Tim McCoy said of his choice to chill his beer outside on his frozen pool.

The photo has been one of the most popular on the WMBF News social media pages, with many finding it relatable and light-hearted.

"Our phones just keep ringing, and texting and Facebooking, and I'm like how in the world does this happen? I mean we just took a picture. This is memories. I mean, this don't happen. It's kind of cool," Tim's wife, Tammy McCoy, said.

The pair said the photo was meant to simply be a family picture of Tim having some fun. Tammy's friends, however, wanted to share the humor.

"I just took a private picture and sent it to my girlfriend. She sends it to her sister, she posts it on Facebook and here we are today," Tammy said with laughter.

But Tim has a reason for why he decided to sit on top of the frozen pool.

"I'm from Indiana and I love to ice fish. That was my closest, next best thing to ice fishing," he said. "So I figured I'd get up there, sit down and have me a beverage"

Tim said he had been checking the pool as the temperatures dropped to see how much of it had frozen.

"You can ice fish in three inches. So I just checked it, eased out there, got up there and there it is," he said. "I'd say this is the coldest winter I've experienced here. That's for sure. Something tells me I'm not far enough south."

Tim said it was the first time his pool had frozen.

As for his beer of choice, Tim prefers Old Styler, only found in his home state of Indiana. In South Carolina, he's a Busch guy.

Tammy said CNN and other radio and media outlets have contacted her since the photo hit the internet.  Unfortunately, the McCoys may have to wait for the next South Carolina winter storm to hit before he can take to the pool ice again.

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