SCDOT discourages travel east of I-95 due to hazardous road conditions

SCDOT discourages travel east of I-95 due to hazardous road conditions

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The South Carolina Department of Transportation is strongly discouraging any travel east of I-95 and I-95 south of I-26 Thursday as conditions on the roads are still hazardous after the winter storm dropped freezing rain, sleet and snow on the area.

A noon update from the SCDOT notes that roads are expected to re-freeze Thursday evening, creating hazardous conditions again Thursday night and Friday morning.

Motorists should also watch for slow-moving SCDOT equipment applying deicing materials to icy roads.

In our area, I-95 in Darlington, Dillon and Florence is in good condition and there are no travel issues at this time, the SCDOT states. I-20 in Darlington and Florence is in passable condition, and efforts are being made to improve it. Crews are continuing to apply melting materials and are plowing to clear these roads in priority order.

The SCDOT currently has 1,051 maintenance employees involved with road operations on the overnight shift, the update states. So far, 4,884 tons of salt, 410 tons of sand, 49,271 gallons of calcium chloride, and 200,950 gallons of salt brine have been applied to roads. There are currently 335 units of snow removal equipment in use.

View the latest road conditions across the state on the SCDOT website here.

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