Local artist finishes painting for Beach Ball Classic

Local artist finishes painting for Beach Ball Classic

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A local artist finished a first of its kind painting for the Beach Ball Classic Saturday.

Ben Wachter spent his time at the high school basketball tournament painting a mock-up of the tournament's program.

The painting, featuring high school basketball players RJ Barrett from Montverde Academy in Florida and Zion Williamson with Spartanburg Day School, sits at the entrance to the arena.

Wachter says he got a little help in the beginning, but he did all the painting.

"It was traced out by students here in town, local students, and I was asked by my dad who is the chairman of the raffle who I work for here every year to paint it," Ben Wachter said.

Art has always been in Wachter's blood.

"Art is just something that's always come naturally to me," Wachter said. "I guess when I think about it, growing up, my parents were really big into all the liberal arts – theater, movies, art, sculpting. It's just something we've always done."

Wachter says he hopes to continue doing this in future years.

"I'm going to try to do this every year now," Wachter said. "So when you come to the Beach Ball and you walk in at the entrance, you're going to see me, hopefully – fingers crossed – doing my thing."

Right now, the plans for the future of the painting aren't entirely clear. Tournament officials say they are considering auctioning it off or donating it.

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