Pee Dee church opens warming shelter ahead of cold weather

Pee Dee church opens warming shelter ahead of cold weather

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - The Second Baptist Church in Hartsville opened a temporary warming shelter Wednesday afternoon for those in need of somewhere to go during the freezing temperatures.

"Anything we can do to save a life is who we are, human beings, saving a life or another. All of us should get on board," Pastor Jim Blue said.

Blue said since the area doesn't have a homeless shelter, the church opes its doors every winter to those who have nowhere to go. They provide blankets, water and food through donations from the community,

"With the city, there are not a lot of houses, so there is no place for them to go other than the woods or sleeping on park benches or under the tree," Blue said.

The ministry is more than just a shelter. Along with providing a place to stay, the church also helps them get back on their feet.

"Some may have mental problems so we contact mental health," Blue said. "Sometime we contact family members whom they have not talked with in numerous of years and sometime they send them tickets to get them home."

Blue said when you help those in need your helping yourselves.

"Let's put ourselves in their situation and see how it would feel for us if that was our sons or daughters and we laid comfortable in our warm house and eating our nourishing meals, knowing that there are people that are hungry," he said.

The warming shelter is on 212 W. Washington St. for anyone who needs some place to go to get out of the cold. Check-in is at 6 p.m.

Even though the shelter is temporary, Blue said it will stay open depending on the weather.

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