Stores preparing shoppers for returns season

Stores preparing shoppers for returns season

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Local stores are going by the common theme of having your receipt during this post-holiday season.

Store Team Leader Danielle Flores for the Target store near Highway 544 said the best thing shoppers can do is have their receipt when returning items. If you don't have your receipt, Flores said the store will see what they can do, but having that receipt or gift receipt will make the process easier.

Shoppers will want to do things like pay attention to dates listed in the stores return policy. Flores said typically most Target shoppers have 90 days to return an item, but that can depend on the store, so she recommends checking with your local store first.

"We typically will. You know, obviously everything’s a little bit on a case by case basis. but typically, as long as we can identify the item via a receipt or a number that’s in the tag on the clothing, we just have to be able to somehow identify that item,” said Flores, “but yes, typically we will do everything we can to try and return something."

General Manager Stan Kilp at the Best Buy near Coastal Grand Mall said there are certain products that you need a receipt for if you want to return it, like Apple products or GoPro's.

When it comes to other items you don't have your receipt for, Kilp said they'll offer you the lowest price of that item within the last 60 days.

Nowadays we get less and less of the open stuff because people are researching ahead of time and they're giving that list. 'Hey this is what I want for Christmas, I want this,'” Kilp said, “and most of the people coming in before Christmas actually knew what they wanted and they kind of gave that hint to the better half or the spouse or their parents."

Kilp says most people seem to be waiting until the days after Christmas to make those returns, so he's expecting Friday and Saturday to be busier. 

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