Myrtle Beach gym gets in on national tradition to tie Christmas with fitness

Myrtle Beach gym gets in on national tradition to tie Christmas with fitness

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - As well all enjoy the holiday foods and sweets, gym members are going in for workouts, balancing out the extra holiday calories.  The Grand Strand's Crossfit Myrtle Beach celebrates by tying in Christmas with fitness.  It's the annual 'Twelve Days of Christmas' workout.

In crossfit, workouts are called WOD, meaning 'workout of the day.'  Dozens of members took part in Crossfit Myrtle Beach's Twelve Days of Christmas WOD.

"I think Santa has a gym in the North Pole," 8-year-old Gabby Rubin said, after doing the hour-long workout with other members.

If Santa does have a gym, it may look something like Crossfit Myrtle Beach before Christmas.  Sweaty elves, matching their holiday sweet tooth with some holiday gains.

"The Twelve Days of Christmas is a workout that everybody kind of knows," co-owner Steve Schuessler told WMBF News.  Crossfit Myrtle Beach is one of thousands of gym in the world who do the workout together every year.

Rubin explained how it works. "Do something else and then you go back to the thing that you did first and you keep doing that over and over until you get to twelve, and it times you," she said.

Just like the song. Start with the 'one' movement, going all the way to twelve, and back down.

The community that sweats together, stays together, right? But for some, perhaps it's a little bit more. "It makes me strong and I like being strong," Rubin said.  "Stronger than a boy!"

Finding fun ways to include the holidays with your fitness fun so that holiday cookie can taste a little bit sweeter.

"I think Santa's proud of me," she said.

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