Community members put together blessings bags for those less fortunate

Community members put together blessings bags for those less fortunate

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - While most of us are giving gifts to our loved ones this holiday season, others spent time putting together gift bags for complete strangers.

It’s the unfortunate reality for some people in our area to not be able to afford things like toiletries and blankets, but complete strangers are working to change that for the holiday season.

"Soap, toothpaste, washing towels," said Madelyn Boggs, starting the list of supplies that was collected for those less fortunate in our area.

"Pair of gloves. Sometimes we have some toboggans,” she said.

But, that’s only the beginning. Her and her mother Amber Boggs are just some of the people helping veterans and those less fortunate in our area by supplying them with not only things they may want, but things they need just to stay healthy.

"There are people that are less fortunate and that's what you need to do and that's what Christmas is really all about,” said Amber.

With supplies donations from complete strangers, Amber and her daughter are able to bag everything together and deliver it to the Palms Court hotel where some of the veterans are staying.

"I take care of these guys, and that's been my blessing,” said Margaret McComas, property Manager at Palms Court.

"I'm thankful for ECHO for bringing me a lot of these guys. They were living homeless on the street with backpacks on their backs and that's all they had,” said McComas.

But now, these blessings bags helping to change their lives. Primary Medical Associates, where Amber works, helped her to get the word out about those in need and she says the donations just started rolling in.

"As soon as you mention homeless veterans people just open their hearts up and are willing to give no matter what,” said Amber.

They started out making bags for around just 15 veterans and their families. From there, Amber says the number of bags grew year by year to now making blessings bags for over 40 people in the area.

"It's not all about getting, it's about giving,” said McComas.

“I really wish we could do it more often a year,” said Madelyn.

In years past, every Christmas McComas would cook for her tenants. This year she says she found a note on her door from a church down the road offering meals on Christmas day and now she says she’s getting 75 meals from Saint John's Orthodox Church to give those less fortunate a meal on Christmas day.

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