Shoppers out last minute before the holidays

Shoppers out last minute before the holidays

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Shoppers were out and about Saturday getting their last minute gifts for friends and family, but one local business said it wasn’t very business for them.

Ashleigh Bragiel, employee at Ivy and Leo in Market Common said she’s surprised she hasn’t seen more people out and about last minute in this area.

“I’m a last minute shopper, so I would expect there’s plenty of people that would want to run out and get their gifts before they leave,” said Bragiel.

Ivy and Leo had a very busy black Friday, but the traffic seems to have slowed down since then, according to Bragiel.

"We did one of our biggest days on black Friday. It was kind of fun working black Friday because it was busy and you keep going. But two days before Christmas? No,” she said.”

Braigel said just by looking around on the streets she can tell it’s not as busy as one may think. She said it seems to slow down close and closer to the holidays each year.

I guess maybe people are doing it online, maybe they're not going to brick and mortars anymore. but it is shocking,” she said.

Pamela Stegmaier was shopping at Tanger Outlets along Highway 501 and said there seemed to be more shoppers there than other places she had been.

We've been in and out. Right up to the cash register. No lines,” she said. Stegmaier is here visiting family for the holidays and that's part of why she's out just two days before Christmas.

We were traveling, we came from Maryland,” Stegmaier said, “So we didn't want to bring a bunch of packages from Maryland. So, we thought we'd just shop when we got here, just before Christmas."

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