Conway receiving more funding for resurfacing from Ride III

Conway receiving more funding for resurfacing from Ride III

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – The City of Conway is planning for their regular resurfacing project, which they do every year, but this year they're getting a little help.

Director of Public Works for the City of Conway, Kevin Chestnut, said the city does resurfacing every year. Typically, the city has funds coming from the city of Conway, which are matched by the Horry County Transportation committee. In addition to that, the city is also getting money from Ride III to go solely towards resurfacing of city and state streets within the city of Conway.

The city of Conway has $250,000 coming from city funds for resurfacing and the Horry County Transportation Committee is matching that, totaling $500,000. Then, Chestnut said the city is getting $1,011,000 for resurfacing from the Ride III project – totaling $1.5 million worth of resurfacing for 2018.

"They would like for us to go ahead and do the resurfacing as soon as possible, so we intend to do it with our already planned resurfacing project, that way we can combine them and hopefully get better unit prices," said Chestnut.

This allows for an additional 6.7 miles of resurfacing compared to the 3.5 miles from funding solely from the city and Horry County Transportation Committee, according to Chestnut.

City officials hope to give contractors a six month period to finish the work once it begins, which isn't expected until after March 2018, according to Chestnut.

Officials will be looking at anything inside the city of Conway and come up with a resurfacing plan based on priority – whether it's a city or a state road.

"Sometimes you look at a road and it may not be full of potholes, but you can see all of the cracks that are developing," said Chestnut, "So, if you can go ahead and pave it and resurface it now, you can save money down the road."

Chestnut said the contractors will come up with alternate traffic patterns to go along with the construction.

Depending on how long the road is, some can be finished within a day, but Chestnut said for the longer roads, they can take multiple days to complete.

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