Police strengthen relationship with students through high-fives

Police strengthen relationship with students through high-fives

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – On Tuesday morning, students at Forestbrook Elementary were greeted by several Horry County Police officers.

Don't worry, no one was in trouble.

It was all part of the "Handshakes and High-Five Rally," an event designed to strengthen relationships between children and law enforcement.

Janet Brown, Principal at Forestbrook Elementary, said her husband helped inspire the event and served as a Myrtle Beach police officer for several years.

Her husband said he always noticed children being afraid when police officers arrived on scene.

To help strengthen the relationship and trust between her students and law enforcement, Brown reached out to Horry County Police Department and without hesitation they were completely on board.

"Just to see these kids and officers interact, I mean the officers enjoy it and look forward to it as much as we do," said Brown.

Jason Freer, Captain of the Horry County Police Department, said they loved the idea and always enjoy coming to spend time with the kids.

"We just want to make sure these kids understand that we are there friends and come to us in their time of need," said Captain Freer.

Brown hopes to get more law enforcement officers involved in years to come.

She also hopes to have a day where students can spend with firefighters and EMS workers throughout their communities.

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