New Horry County schools aiming to open next month

New Horry County schools aiming to open next month

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Parents of Myrtle Beach and Socastee Middle School students may be getting a better idea of when their children will be in their new schools.

The schools were originally scheduled to open at the start of this school year, but those dates have been pushed back.

"The project is almost finished; the final inspection is next week," architect Robbie Ferris said.

Ferris said students could be in the new building next month after several obstacles delayed the project.

"This project was supposed to start first. There were no soil problems and we thought it would be the quickest to get started. What we did not know was there was people utilizing the building on site. And they had to find a home for those people," he said.

The project was delayed again when asbestos was found in the building. Construction did not start until six months after it was slated to begin.

After delaying the opening three times, Ferris and his team are hoping students and teachers could move in next month.

"We've only got a couple things left to do and we expect to get our certificate of occupancy next week and then the students could move in," he said.

As for Socastee Middle, students may not get to be in their new location until next school year.

A spokesperson for Horry County Schools explains finding land for Socastee Middle School was difficult and they did not close on a property until June 1.

"Socastee Middle School is not at the point of a final inspection yet. We are doing an above-ceiling inspection next week and their final inspection will be sometime in February," Ferris said.

If Socastee Middle school does go for a final inspection in February and passes, the school board will then have to decide if students will move in after spring break or if they will wait until the next school year.

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