MBFD in process of welcoming around 20 new hires to departments

MBFD in process of welcoming around 20 new hires to departments

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Myrtle Beach Fire Department is in the process of hiring around 20 new positions to be spread out among the six fire stations in the city.

The hiring process began in the summer and now the department is finalizing background checks and physical testing before sending the new hires off to a recruit school.

Lt. Jonathan Evans with the Myrtle Beach Fire Department said the department was initially looking for 10 at the start of the hiring process, but now more positions have opened up, which isn't uncommon.

According to Evans, they received over 500 applications, but only invited 470 to test, and only around 240 actually ended up testing. Evans said the department has offered jobs to their top candidates and are just going through background checks and physical testing.

Once the final testing is complete, new hires will go through a 13-week recruit school.

"It's been over the course of a few months, so I think everybody's ready to kind of get started and get to the recruit school,” said Evans, “It is an exhausting process, but at the same time it is exciting as well. You get new bodies, new faces, new ideas from different people from around the country coming in and being a part of our family."

During the recruit school, Evans said the new hires will get their basic fire fighting training skills. They'll get their fire fighter one and fire fighter two basic operations skills sets as well.

Evans said this is the time for them to take various classes and learn different skill sets that they'll need to start their job. They will also learn more things as their progress through their jobs.

"They'll be over different shifts, different stations. At the end of the recruit school, the chiefs will look and see who they need. Paramedics, EMTs, what training is there, and they'll decide which recruits they want on their shifts,” said Evans, “Then they'll spread them out through the stations so it won't be all rookies at one station. Usually it’s one per, at the busy stations at least and then they go from there."

The hiring process typically takes place every two years.

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