California-based call center now up and running in Myrtle Beach

California-based call center now up and running in Myrtle Beach

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - A California call center that moved its headquarters to Myrtle Beach is now up and running.

Greenwood Hall plans to bring over 300 jobs to the area. The company’s CEO, Bill Bradfield, said the Myrtle Beach location has already hired between 50 and 60 employees.

Right now, the company is working out of a building at Horry Georgetown Technical College's Myrtle Beach campus before they find a permanent spot in Horry County.

The company announced it was moving to the Grand Strand back in October and would be up and running by Dec. 8. Bradfield said they were able to make their first call on that day.

Greenwood Hall works with colleges to help students with financial aid, student recruitment and student support.

"We have 55 to 60 right here. We hope to grow that. Well, we will grow it in January because the students come back in January. So we'll be in the 80 range when that happens," Bradfield said. "We also have some other clients we hope to bring on so we'll just continue to grow. The long-term plan is 60 to 70 people additionally every year up to about 300."

The company's Texas branch unexpectedly closed down on Dec. 1, leaving hundreds of people without jobs.

"I wouldn't want anyone to go through what some of me and my ex coworkers are having to deal with," Tejus Collins, a former employee of Greenwood Hall, said. "Nov. 30, there was an email sent to the office as a mass email - I believe at 11:37 at night - saying effective Dec. 1, they were going to close down the Bryan, Texas location."

Bradfield said he received the news around the same time.

"I found out on a Thursday night at 11 o'clock that the board didn't want to open the doors there on Friday morning. It really wasn't well handled because payroll wasn't ready for them and all that," he said.

"I still know people now two weeks later who haven't been paid," Collins said.

Bradfield says about 20 percent of workers haven't received their last paycheck, but he's working to make sure they get them by Friday, Dec. 15.

"The Texas location was closed for a couple of reasons," he said. "First, it was very expensive, so that's why we decided to build here."

This wasn't the first financial issue for the company. Reports show their former CEO resigned back in July following financial trouble. Bradfield took over the company in August.

"The board brought me in here to make kind of a turnaround of the company because it just wasn't doing well financially and this center here was one of the moves to help it financially," he said.

Bradfield added the company has turned the corner financially. It plans to hire around 70 people each year until they are up to 300 employees.

"I'm extremely optimistic. As a company we need to build trust with our clients and I think that this move to S.C. is going to be great for us," he said.

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