Time is ticking to get your holiday packages shipped

Time is ticking to get your holiday packages shipped

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -- The countdown to Christmas underway and the time is now to get your packages shipped out.

With an increase in online shopping, delivery services are feeling the pressure.

Christmas is already less than 20 days away and business at Ship on Site is booming as people are rushing to get those holiday gifts sent out.

Frank Espinal is the manager and owner in Surfside Beach; he said this is by far one of the craziest and busiest years he has seen in quite some time.

Just this week, UPS has come out and said they are a little behind schedule after a surge in online orders.

Frank works closely with shipping companies like UPS and FedEx and said the drivers are doing what they can to combat against that holiday pressure.

"The drivers have doubled up in some cases because the amount of volume coming through," said Espinal.

If you're looking to get stuff shipped, Frank advises to get your stuff packed and shipped out by December 15, otherwise those shipping costs are going to get more expensive, especially if you're shipping to the west coast.

Though this is the season of giving, there are a few Grinch's out there looking to snag gifts off your front porch.

Espinal said there are ways you can prevent those packages from being stolen.

"You can put a signature option on that package so someone has to sign for it, or you could send it to commercial location like the person's work place if they are able to except packages or you get it sent to a FedEx location or UPS either way all those things can help eliminate items being stolen once they are delivered," said Espinal.

Ship on Site is expanding their hours to 12-hour days.

It is important to know we are losing an extra day of shipping this year, because Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday.

You add that on tops of the crazy amount of online this year, delays are going to happen.

To make sure packages arrive in time for the holidays you'll need to know the shipping deadlines for the major carriers, those are all posted on their company's website.

To make things go smoothly for you make sure you have all the shipping information available it will speed up the process.

You'll want the name, phone number and address you're shipping to and be sure to get a tracking number to make sure your packages arrives on time to the correct location.

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