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Improving Air Quality in your Home

Improving Air Quality in your Home

                When temperatures begin to drop, homeowners bundle up in an effort to stay toasty warm.  That includes closing up the windows to their home.  While keeping your home’s windows closed does keep your home warmer, it can also negatively impact your home’s indoor air quality.

                Have no fear, though, as there are a few things you can do to help make a major difference in your home’s interior air quality this fall.

                When the temperature outside is mild and inviting, make sure to open your windows.  By letting in the fresh air, you also chase out the stale air trapped inside your home.  By simply opening up your windows, you can greatly improve the air quality.

                Before the temperature outside gets too cold, make sure you schedule a fall tuneup for your home’s HVAC unit from a reputable company like Atlantic Heating and Cooling.  It is always a good idea to have your system inspected by one of Atlantic Heating and Cooling’s maintenance experts.  Small problems can always turn in to much bigger problems as your home’s system continues to run.  A fall tuneup will allow the maintenance expert to fix any issues with your HVAC unit before it gets worse.

                With cooler temperatures comes less humidity.  While that may be good outside, it is not good for the interior of your home or your health.  Dry air can cause a variety of health issues, including nose bleeding, coughs and colds.  You can easily fight lower humidity in your home by buying a humidifier.

                Keep your home comfortable this fall and winter season by taking a few preventative steps now.  If you are not toasty warm this winter, Atlantic Heating and Cooling is here to help.  Whether residential or commercial, Atlantic Heating and Cooling can meet all your heating needs 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  Let them take the chill out of your installation or service fears.

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