Road construction creating hazardous driving conditions in Hartsville

Road construction creating hazardous driving conditions in Hartsville

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) - Some Hartsville residents are worried about safety since construction for the new roundabout began Tuesday morning.

There have been several complaints to the Hartsville Police Department of reckless driving by motorists on the detour route, which is at the intersection of West Carolina Avenue and Barefoot Street.

Leslie Andrews is the owner of The Sharpies Edge, a hair salon right next to the intersection. She said the traffic is bad in the area, especially during rush hour.

"Some of them were driving on the sidewalk, some of them were driving across the cones and it was a mess," Andrews said.

She believes the new detour turn onto Barefoot Street is confusing to drivers and dangerous to those who live in the area.

"As soon as you turn on Barefoot, we have a daycare and the parents weren't able to get out and take their children home. I mean they were almost about to get in wrecks," Andrews said.

Hartsville Police Lt. Mark Blair said confusion often accompanies changing a major road that motorists are used to driving on daily.

"People see those barricades in the way and they don't realize they need to stay in their lane until they pass those cones and then turn left," Blair said.

Along with driving down the wrong side of the road, speeding is another concern.

"When they're coming into Carolina onto Barefoot, they're just turning that corner and hitting the gas like they're ready to go 35 again and the daycare is just right there," Andrews said.

In an effort to increase the safety of those in the area, Hartsville police are urging motorists to drive safely or get pulled over.

"We've had officers out there running radar, watching for illegal turns and things like that," Blair said. "We're going to continue enforcing the traffic laws to make sure that people know to slow down and people are more cautious in this area."

Police officers have put out extra cones since the complaints to help make the turn less confusing. Blair has also reached out to the Department of Transportation about adding more traffic signs.

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