Darlington County Sheriff's Office talks protecting area churches

DARLINGTON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - In the wake of church massacres in Charleston and, most recently, Texas, local law enforcement and religious leaders are being more proactive when it comes to sanctuary safety.

The Darlington County Sheriff's Office met with local religious leaders at Darlington Middle School Monday night.

DCSO Lt. Robert Kilgo said the purpose of the event was for law enforcement and churches to build a better relationship.

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church Rev. Cecil Bromell, who has led that church's congregation for nine years, believed the meeting was a good step in making sure people feel safe during Sunday service.

"To take the knowledge of law enforcement and to share that with the congregation, that's something that really hasn't happened in our community," Bromell said.

He added that he plans to have security cameras installed in the doorways of the church. However, he believes a structured action plan is still needed.

"I would recommend that all of our ushers have what we call an action plan and what they need to be looking for when it comes to people coming in and out of church and I say that because they are the ones who are at the door," Bromell said.

Kilgo said the meeting was just another step toward ensuring people that they can enjoy their place of worship.

"Whether it's to do a security assessment, whether it's to provide off-duty law enforcement, anything that we can do to make sure that out churches, our synagogues, whatever we have in Darlington County is as safe as can be," Kilgo said.

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