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SC Sen. Lindsey Graham weighs in on Roy Moore, North Korea

(Source: Lindsey Graham Facebook) (Source: Lindsey Graham Facebook)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham commented on tough topics while visiting Myrtle Beach Monday afternoon.

Graham was in town as part of an initiative he has to meet with people in each county or city of the state to see what he can do to help them.

He visited Williamsburg County, Myrtle Beach, and Dillon County on Monday. He'll travel to Darlington County, Marlboro County, and Chesterfield County on Tuesday.

While Graham was in town, WMBF News caught up with him to speak about national topics including Roy Moore and North Korea. Roy Moore is accused of sexual misconduct. He has denied the accusations from at least nine women of unwanted advances, ranging from inappropriate flirting to sexual assault.

Here's what Sen. Graham had to say:

" Because you're accused of something doesn't mean you did it. Everybody deserves a fair chance to be heard. The women have come forward. Roy Moore has come forward. I believe the women. He's got a problem. When he was in his 30's, he was on a watch list in a mall because he was hanging around and bothering teenage girls. So when you put the whole puzzle together I think Roy Moore is not believable and the women are and he was doing this long before he got into politics. If you can't go to the mall you probably shouldn't go to the senate. I'll leave it up to the White House as to what they think is right but I'd like to see the President come out more strongly because the people of Alabama deserve better, it will be up to them but I don't see how he can be effective and from a Republican point of view, I think he's going to lose a seat that that almost any other Republican can win and that will hurt the Trump agenda."

Monday morning, President Donald Trump said the U.S. will designate North Korea as a state sponsor of terror. That designation comes amid heightened nuclear tension on the Korean Peninsula.

Here's what Sen. Graham had to say:

"I think President Trump has taken a different view to North Korea that has been long overdue. For 25 years we've been pleading and begging, sanctioning, and cajoling North Korea and nothing has worked. They've got nuclear weapons now they just can't deliver those weapons to America yet. They're trying to build an ICBM to hit America with a nuclear weapon on top. Donald Trump, President Trump has said I'm not going to let that happen. I think the Chinese believe that he's different from Obama. The idea that he would designate North Korea as a sponsor of terror is a good thing. They are a state sponsor of terrorism. That means they'll get sanctioned more, so I'm behind President Trump. The North Koreans are a threat to the American homeland. And if he has to pick between securing America and the region he's going to pick America. I think he had a good visit in China. The Chinese are sending a delegation to North Korea. I don't want a war with anybody, I don't want a war with North Korea. But I don't want them to have a missile with a nuclear weapon on top that could hit America and if it takes a war to stop them, the war will be over there it won't be here in America and I think China is beginning to think that Trump is serious. Obama was a weak President and all of our enemies took advantage of his weakness. I support President Trump trying to reestablish America in a new way. I think he's right to tell the North Koreans you'll never be able to get a missile that will hit America and he's right to tell the Chinese if there's going to be a war it will be in your backyard. He's also right to try to find a way to avoid this and it's really up to China."

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