Myrtle Beach City Council discusses new development, golf cart ordinance, and beach renourishment

Myrtle Beach City Council discusses new development, golf cart ordinance, and beach renourishment

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - City council discussed many issues at the meeting on Tuesday, from new developments, to beach renourishment.

A final reading for a new development on 21st Avenue North was approved. The plan is to demolish two Breakers Resort hotel towers and replace them with Marriott towers. The city also plans to add a park-like area near the hotels.

Myrtle Beach Planning Director, Carol Coleman explains this new development will show off more of the beach from the road, so the ocean will no longer be blocked by the hotels. Plans for that development still need to go before the Community Appearance Board. According to Coleman, construction won't start until late 2018.

The city is also moving forward with plans to limit the number of moped and golf carts on city streets. This ordinance would require companies that rent mopeds and golf carts to franchise their business with the city of Myrtle Beach.

A franchise agreement means the business has the right to do business on public property. Businesses would have to let the city know they are renting out golf carts and mopeds. Businesses outside of the city would also need a franchise if they rent vehicles that will be driven within city limits.

If this reading passes, the city will be able to control the number of vehicles operating in the city and it would decide how many mopeds or golf carts could be rented out at a time.

The ordinance would also require golf carts and mopeds to have plates. City leaders explain this would make it more organized and easier for officers to track down these vehicles.

"We're going to put a license plate for identification so each license plate will have registration and it will have insurance so we'll know where it comes from and which company. It's better than a little decal because that you really can't see it. A license plate will help us identify who it belongs to if we have any problems," said Mayor John Rhodes.

Beach renourishment was also discussed on Tuesday. The Mayor explained that the city is hoping to work with the state to get the Army Corps of Engineers to start the project early in 2018.

"It's about a 2 and a half month project so going into June is something you don't want from a business stand point, so we spoke to Keegan, Rice's representative to see if we can get the corps of engineers to start possibly the first of March," said Rhodes.

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