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Consider This: County leaders should encourage, not stifle, growth in Carolina Forest

(Source: WMBF News) (Source: WMBF News)

The growing pains of the Grand Strand have been focused on Carolina Forest lately…and the solutions are not good.

Horry County leaders considered a moratorium on re-zonings in Carolina Forest for residential construction projects because the infrastructure is not there to support more traffic.

Realizing a moratorium is probably illegal, council members now pledge serious scrutiny for every rezoning request.

We have developers who want to invest in our community and people who want to move here, buy a home, raise their families, pay taxes and start businesses that fuel the economy.

Consider This: Simply denying requests to build new residential areas is not the answer.  We need leaders who are progressive, proactive, understand the big picture and most importantly take action to make sure growth is continued to be encouraged and supported.  Saying no first to any new idea should never be acceptable.

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