Plans for development on 21st Avenue North go before council Tuesday

Plans for development on 21st Avenue North go before council Tuesday

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Plans that include demolishing two Breakers Resort hotel towers and replacing them with Marriott towers are up for a final review before city council Tuesday afternoon.

Over the past few weeks, city officials have worked with the developer to determine the public benefit of this project.

Planning Director for the City of Myrtle Beach Carol Coleman said the city and the developer determined the open space and park-like area, being referred to as a vista, will serve as one part of the benefit to the public. Visitors will be able to view the oceanfront and walk from the vista.

Coleman said they are also working to make 21st Avenue North more walkable, make it more attractive in terms of landscaping and even realign a portion of the street so you will be able to see the vista and oceanfront view as you drive towards the beach.

"Part of it is to realign a portion of the street too because it kind of comes down at an angle,” Coleman said. “So if you look at it from an aerial photograph you can see that, but the idea is to straighten it out just a little bit so you have that vista view that right now you don't have."

There will be a public hearing held today before the final reading by city council. Even if plans pass through city council, the project will still have to go before the Community Appearance Board before anything is finalized.

"There's a whole lot of work that has to be done preliminarily before they can even go forward with the demolition. But, they're anticipating starting demolition and reconstruction after the next season,” said Coleman.

If plans are finalized, Coleman says construction wouldn't start until late 2018.

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