WMBF Investigates: Breaking down the Myrtle Beach mayoral votes

WMBF Investigates: Breaking down the Myrtle Beach mayoral votes

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - No candidate for Myrtle Beach mayor won more than half of the vote in any of the city's 13 voting precincts. Brenda Bethune and John Rhodes will go head to head in a runoff on November 21. WMBF Investigates analyzed Tuesday's votes to see where the two candidates may be able to pick up support.

Bethune nearly won half of the votes in three separate precincts. She had the most support in Myrtlewood 1 and 2, a section from 21st Avenue North to 48th Avenue North between the Atlantic Ocean and Highway 17 Bypass, and in Ocean Forest 3, an area from 62nd Avenue North to 76th Avenue North between Kings Highway and Highway 17 Bypass.

Those three areas made up 19 percent of the overall vote Tuesday.

Bethune scored the most votes in ten of the city's 13 precincts.

Rhodes approached half of the vote in just one precinct, Coastal Lane 1.

He picked up 102 of the 207 votes cast from people who live between 8th Avenue North and 21st Avenue North, on the ocean side of Robert Grissom Parkway. It's a voting precinct that includes the highly debated Superblock. Rhodes won the most votes in Ocean Forest 2, the area around Pine Lakes Country Club, edging Bethune 199 to 185.

Rhodes has the most ground to make up in Jetport 2, the majority of The Market Common and the area around Myrtle Beach State Park, and Myrtlewood 2, losing to Bethune by 134 and 137 in those precincts respectively.

The closest head to head races were in Coastal Lane 2, the inland section of Myrtle Beach just north of Highway 501, Dunes 1 and Myrtlewood 3, the neighborhoods around Myrtlewood Golf Club. Bethune won each by seven votes.

The three eliminated candidates combined for 1,740 votes. Bethune beat Rhodes by 530 votes.

Ed Carey finished third, but did win Jetport 2. More than 42 percent of voters in the area selected him.

Mark McBride had the most success in Sea Oats 1. He won 32 percent of the vote in the section of Myrtle Beach closest to the ocean from 13th Avenue South to 8th Avenue North. It's a section of the city caught up in public safety efforts after a shooting on Father's Day weekend went viral on Facebook. McBride promised to add 100 officers to Myrtle Beach's police force in his first year in office in response to crimes like that one.

C.D. Rozsa did not win more than two percent of the vote in any precinct.

Jetport 2 represents the single precinct where the most votes are now up for grabs, of people who cast ballots on Tuesday; 564 voters selected Carey, McBride, Rozsa or write in. The next highest total is 172 available votes in Dunes 1, the Grand Dunes neighborhoods. Dunes 1 had the highest voter turnout of any Myrtle Beach precinct at 37 percent. It split nearly evenly between the runoff candidates, 424 votes for Bethune to 417 for Rhodes.

Overall turnout was at 22.8 percent; 19,591 registered voters did not participate in Tuesday's election. Myrtlewood 3 had the lowest voter turnout at just six percent, or 115 of the registered 1,800 voters.

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