Voters talk about issues driving them to the polls

Voters talk about issues driving them to the polls

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) -  Today, Myrtle Beach residents will hit the polls to vote on a new mayor and city council members. Ahead of the election, WMBF News spoke to residents about issues that are driving them to the polls. A majority of those voters said crime.

"That's my number one concern – safety, always is," Myrtle Beach resident Chris Jerdon said.

Most people reported that after a violent summer in Myrtle Beach, they want their mayor to focus on making the area safer for locals and visitors.

"It used to be a fun place for families but nobody wants to take their families downtown. Everyone's going to Surfside Beach and Murrells Inlet," Henry Hills said.

"Everything that happened earlier this summer just seemed to put a damper on tourism," Mark Nicolai said.

Another hot topic on voter's minds is infrastructure.

"It could always be better with the roads. I would like to see the interstate come on down," Jerdon said.

"We need new infrastructure for business. Not the same old same old," agreed Mills.

During the last race for mayor in 2013, 20.4% of residents hit the polls. The voter turnout for 2009 was 34.5%.

Many residents say they think those numbers will be greater this time around and most say they already know who their voting for.

"I know for sure," said Mills.

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