Francis Marion University offers new options to help local businesses grow

Francis Marion University offers new options to help local businesses grow

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Francis Marion University is looking to help business owners and their staff be more effective.

This unique partnership is between the FMU School of Business and the Kelly Center for Enterprise and Innovation.

The duo is launching this program, which is all about educating local business staff to better serve our area.

The program will focus on four different areas: effective leadership, organizational culture, financial and strategic management.

One additional benefit to these classes is it will give participants the leg up they need to advance up the corporate ladder.

"We have these sweeping changes in technology and people are collecting a lot of data, businesses need to have policies in place. When you are collecting all this data you need to protect this data so how do we handle these issues and how do we become aware of these issues," Dr. Dr. Hari Rajagopalan Dean of the FMU School of Business said.

Those classes will be taught over four different installments throughout the spring.

The cost for the course is $650.

"Participants definitely take away a lot of soft skills, leadership skills. They have a better awareness of budgeting and financial planning and hopefully an idea of why companies do certain things," Rajagopalan said.

Those classes get started this February and will be taught at the Carter Center in downtown Florence.

Those who go through the class will get a certificate and three hours of academic credit at FMU.

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