City of Myrtle Beach has no set plans for superblock area

City of Myrtle Beach has no set plans for superblock area

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The city of Myrtle Beach is now reporting the Superblock project may go in a different direction.

Back in January, plans were announced to turn the area into a new Chapin Memorial Library and a children's museum. Now, those plans are up in the air.

"City council needs to talk a little bit more about this and make sure this a direction they want to pursue," said Mark Kruea. "I think you always need to be open to a better idea. We believe this is a good idea, a children's museum, library combination. That area certainly needs a jump start, but maybe there's a better idea out there. Certainly this has been a conversation starter."

Back in February, Myrtle Beach City Council approved a motion that allows the city to use eminent domain to obtain the last two occupied businesses.

"We have not used eminent domain yet. We have a few properties that we'd like to have to make the footprint possible for this project, or whatever project it may be," said Kruea.

The two properties that remain in the Superblock are Jack Thompson Photography and House Parts.

"What you see behind me is the 401k me and my wife invested. We put our lives into it and if they think they can take this away from us for pennies on the dollar, they're delusional," said House Parts owner Andrew Paulussen.

Paulussen and his wife, Lacy, have owned the property for 11 years.

"From day one, when me and my wife bought this building, we always dreamed of being part of a redevelopment in the area. Our dream was to be a part of that, not displaced by that," said Paulussen.

Paulussen said his neighbors from the Superblock who moved after plans were announced are now no longer in business.

"The true business tenants that were displayed and bought by the DRC, they've all gone out of business. Except one, the escape room was able to successfully move to a new location," said Paulussen.

Kruea reports that the city of Myrtle Beach does not have a timeline for when it will decide what will go in the Superblock area.

"I don't think there have been any serious talks about anything else other than we need additional parking. In a perfect world, we prefer a destination instead of more parking, but more parking is one of our needs," said Kruea.

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