WMBF Investigates: Hotel explains why deposits weren’t returned

WMBF Investigates: Hotel explains why deposits weren’t returned

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Sandcastle Resort South Beach has a student contract. A lawyer representing the Myrtle Beach hotel tells WMBF News guests who breach that contract risk losing the $200 security deposit paid on a room.

A copy of the contract provided to WMBF News spells out guidelines for personal conduct, property damage and room cleanliness. It also explains penalties for failure to comply, including a verbal warning, forfeiture of the security deposit and being removed from the hotel without a refund.

A group of college students reached out to WMBF News after several of them did not receive the money back they felt they were owed. The investigates team reached out to Sandcastle Resort for clarification of the claims weeks before posting them but was not contacted until the day after the story aired.

Reese Boyd represents Sandcastle Resort South Beach. Tuesday, Boyd shared room invoices for the two guests who WMBF News spoke to. The invoices have handwritten violations on them. For Steve Berke's room where a deposit wasn't returned, it said the single occupant of the room threw beer off of the balcony, urinated from the balcony and left trash in the room that took more than an hour to clean.

Berke sent WMBF News timestamped pictures of the room at checkout to show it wasn’t dirty or filled with trash. He says the other claims aren’t true.

"If I had done those things," he said, "they would have complained while I was there. All I want is my deposit back."

He says he was never told anything about the items listed on his invoice. Berke says he tried to contact the hotel's general manager more than 30 times before eventually giving up on the cash.

Boyd explained anyone taking calls from a complaining guest should be able to access that guest's file.

Jordan received $160 of the $200 deposit back. His invoice lists excessive trash in his unit. He tells WMBF News he was told $40 was kept because of sand left in the tub. That is not noted on his invoice.

A security log also shows officers responded at 1:44 a.m. on April 30 to a noise complaint at Jordan's room where they found a large party. Security returned to the same room 22 minutes later for another noise complaint and cleared the room.

Another guest in the group with Berke and Jordan who said money wasn't sent didn't get the cash because the address listed for him wasn't correct. WMBF News left a message for that guest to call Boyd and have his money returned.

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