Horry County, police department seeking dismissal from lawsuit alleging misconduct by former detective

Horry County, police department seeking dismissal from lawsuit alleging misconduct by former detective

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Both Horry County and the county's police department are asking that allegations against them in a lawsuit filed by a woman accusing a former detective of misconduct while in office never make it before a jury.

A memorandum was filed Friday that was in support of Horry County and the Horry County Police Department's motion for summary judgment in the lawsuit filed by "Jane Doe 3."

The legal definition of summary judgment in a civil case is the disposal of a case without a trial, which is used when there is no dispute as to the material facts of the case.

In the lawsuit, Jane Doe 3 claims former detective Allen Large took her to Asheville, N.C. to participate in "nude, sexual-fetish 'catfights.'"

The lawsuit, filed in 2016, also claims Large engaged in a pattern of unwanted sexual advances, and that while several high-ranking members of the police department knew of these incidents, as well as allegations of sexual advances by Large on other female victims, they failed to take action against him.

The documents filed Friday by Florence attorney Samuel F. Arthur III state that the woman's "allegations of coercive behavior and unwanted sexual advances" are claims that, if proven to be true, relate to conduct outside the scope of Large' duties as a law enforcement officer.

"Large admitted in his deposition that his contact he had with Plaintiff from late 2014 through his termination at the end of July 2015 was outside the course and scope of his employment," the court documents stated. "Furthermore, Plaintiff alleges in her complaint that Large's 'pattern of abusive behavior' resulted in his termination and that Large 'is the subject of a pending SLED investigation and attorney general investigation.'"

A copy of a portion of Large's deposition was included as an exhibit with the memorandum. In it, he states that his involvement with the alleged catfights were done on his own time.

According to the deposition, when Large was asked if anyone at the HCPD had any knowledge of his involvement with "girl-on-girl fighting," he answered "no."

"They wouldn't know about it, because, like I said, if y'all have any fetishes or things that you do, you don't discuss it with your coworkers," according to Large's deposition.

Three of the "Jane Doe" lawsuits filed against Large and/or the HCPD have be settled this year. In all, six have been filed.

In July, the case involving "Jane Doe 2" reached a settlement. It was preceded by settlement of the "Jane Doe 5" case in May and the "Jane Doe 1" case in January.

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