Darlington looks for answers to storm drainage woes

Darlington looks for answers to storm drainage woes

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) - A plan is in the works to continue making improvements to storm drainage issues.

In 2016, WMBF News showed you concerns residents had with specific portions of the city's storm drainage system.

This past Tuesday, the city got back three construction bids detailing costs associated with the repairs.

Darlington's Downtown Redevelopment Manager Lisa Rock said the cheapest bid came back at $2.5 million. The problem is at this time, the city only has $1.7 million to work with.

"Unfortunately, the bids have come in considerably above that estimate. It may be due to the economy and there being more construction work. And obviously the more construction work there is, it increases the prices," Rock said. "The funding that we have in place - we have a storm water fee that is applied monthly to water bills. People see it on their residential and commercial customers. We have approved a storm water fee bond, so a bond on that revenue of $1.4 million."

The city also received a Federal Rural Infrastructure Grant to help with this repair.

The city has asked DHEC to ensure there is no threat to the public and it has. For that reason, the city can technically decide not to do anything.

Thursday night's special called meeting to discuss further action did not have a quorum.

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