Residents attend Myrtle Beach City Council Candidate debate

Residents attend Myrtle Beach City Council Candidate debate

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - With less than a month until election day, candidates for Myrtle Beach City Council took the stage at the Market Common Recreation Center to discuss their ideas for the city. Only seven out of the nine candidates were able to attend the event on Sunday. The candidates discussed a wide range of topics, from crime and businesses, to tourism and parking.

"It's important because people don't know what's going on in the council. So by sitting here today you learn all the ins and outs about what's going on," said Phillip Stuto.

The Debate was organized by the South Strand Republican Club

"Anytime you have a debate it's very important. Debates have been in history since Linlcon – Douglas, Kennedy - Nixon, Reagan - Carter, Trump - Clinton. They give people information and educate them on the issues and educate them about the candidates. If a candidate presents his case he's more likely to get votes from the debate," said South Strand Republican Club Member, Randall Stevens.

WMBF news will profile all nine City Council candidates, one per day from Oct. 16 to the 25.On October 24th, WMBF will hold a debate between the candidates for Myrtle Beach Mayor at 7pm.

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