'That's river life:' Lee’s Landing gets back on its feet one year after Hurricane Matthew

'That's river life:' Lee’s Landing gets back on its feet one year after Hurricane Matthew

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – People who live in the Lee's Landing area of Horry County are still recovering one year after Hurricane Matthew.

The storm caused major flooding in the area in October 2016. Water levels reached as high as 15 feet.

People who live nearby say the flooding from Hurricane Matthew hit them even harder than it normally would have because they already went through flooding in October 2015 as well.

While flooding is devastating, neighbors say they know that's the risk they take when moving to a house near a river.

"That's river life," Julie Herndon said. "You either embrace it or you leave."

For Herndon, her choice is to leave. She says she's lived near Lee's Landing for 17 years, but after the last two Octobers, she's had enough.

"I'm ready to go to higher ground," she said.

Not everyone in the area feels that way, though. Herndon's next-door neighbor, Pam Thompson, said the benefits of living by the water outweigh the costs.

A lot of neighbors enjoy living on the river for the scenery and the lack of noise.

A year after Hurricane Matthew, people near Lee's Landing are beginning to feel normal again.

"We are starting to enjoy living here again, I think," Herndon said. "But I have to say it's been very depressing."

Neighbors also say even though Hurricane Matthew took so much from them, they feel the storm brought the community together.

"We're so lucky to have the people that we have," Thompson said. "Everybody helps everybody."

Frankie Gurano agrees.

"All the neighbors pull in and help each other," he said. "A lot of the neighbors up the road where it wasn't flooded let us use their yards to store stuff."

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