Florence County continues repairs one year after Hurricane Matthew

Florence County continues repairs one year after Hurricane Matthew

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) -The last of Hurricane Mathew debris is being hauled off after the City of Florence just finished collection one month ago.

While the city is no longer dealing with issues we saw at the height of the storm, there are some lingering impacts and one is concern from the public.

We've had about four or five storms come through this year and everybody is concerned about the leaning tree, the large tree. Last time we have a lot of rain…what are you going to do to the storm drain system to make sure it works?" Florence City Manager Drew Griffin asked.

The city said it deals with these left-over issues on a case by case basis.

Griffin said the Hurricane brought about massive infrastructure problems for the city including washed-out roads and busted water pipes.

In addition, in communities where dams broke, the city is waiting for roads and other infrastructure to be rebuilt so that it can fully repair water pipes that have been temporarily fixed.

The city is also especially proud of its efforts in keeping residents informed through all of Matthew's repairs.

It did this through a program called Next Phase Florence and the city plans to continue a part of that program moving forward.

"We are trying to blend it in into our normal work environment so that we are able to share information on Facebook, we are able to share information on Twitter, we are able to share it on Instagram and various other social media outlets," Griffin said.

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