Matthew leaves mud hole, one year later, for Florence County community

Matthew leaves mud hole, one year later, for Florence County community

FLORENCE COUNTY, SC (WMBF) -The Hampton Point Subdivision is still working to find a solution to a big problem Hurricane Matthew left behind one year ago.

The community once had a lake, but a dam breach has left a large overgrown mud hole.

"We had a little pier area, we would just sit and look at the lake. We had ducks and geese people would feed them with their children it was beautiful," said Linda Lacy, who lives in the neighborhood.

The peace and beauty of the lake are just some of the reasons people like Lacy and her husband decided to buy a house backing up to Lake Hampton. They never imagined that just one year ago, destructive rainfall and winds would leave a large empty hole behind.

"Over the year we have watched it turn from just a dry lake bed to just an overgrown swamp, mud hole," Lacy said.

When Matthew hit in October 2016, Lacy and her neighbors were most concerned about potential flooding, but it was what happened during the rain that made her realize they had a bigger problem on their hands.

"On our property, the water rose...I would say a good six to nine feet off the bank," Lacy said. "And that's about when the dam breached because when I looked out the water was well into the yard and then 30 minutes later, I was like wow the water went down awfully fast."

Now, a portion of a road surrounding what was the lake is impassable and this community is looking for a way to bring back the oasis of this neighborhood.

Lacy says FEMA can only help in the form of a small business loan. The neighborhood's homeowner's association is not eligible to use it as a resource.

Florence County said it's not responsible for repairing the dam.

"What we have done is hired an engineer and we are trying to get some bids for repairs," Lacy said.  "We only have one today after all of this, that's the hardest part is getting the bids. If we can get more bids we will have a special homeowner meeting and see if they want to vote to repair the lake."

Lacy added if the folks in the neighborhood vote to not repair the lake, the county will just leave the road closed, but add cul-de-sacs at the end of those breaches.

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