U.S. Secret Service to help Aynor police with gas skimmer investigation

U.S. Secret Service to help Aynor police with gas skimmer investigation

Aynor, SC (WMBF) - A credit card doesn't have to go missing in order for money to be stolen.

In some cases, people still have their cards in hand when they notice hundreds of dollars are missing.

Police said it happened at the Exxon Tiger Mart in Aynor. Some area residents say they've had it happen to them in Conway - gas skimmers giving thieves access to money in victims' accounts.

It happened to Conway resident Jimmy Jacobs.

"They spent 10 transactions in Arkansas from the grocery store to Golden Corral to TJ Maxx," Jacobs said.

Aynor police say they initiated an investigation once skimmers were first reported.

Jacobs isn't alone.

"We had almost $500 stolen from our bank account."

Autumn Beavers said $500 was stolen from her account three days after she went to get gas in Aynor.

"We got a phone call from our bank on Monday about weird charges from New Jersey and we found out about $500 had been taken out from an ATM," she said. "I was really upset and then I went to Facebook because that's the thing we do these days, and just to find out all of these people are getting money stolen and that's what really upset me and that's why I tagged you guys. I had a friend who's had thousands taken out."

People are aware.

"I think about it periodically," said Devon Blackwell of Loris. "I'd really hate to be violated like that with my card, but in today's environment if you don't have your card, you're behind."

Aynor resident Terry Hardwick is concerned over these types of thefts.

"I hate that the world has gotten in that situation."

The U.S. Secret Service is assisting the Aynor Police Department in the analysis of the skimmers. If anyone you know has been affected by skimmers, call your local bank.

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