Conway coach says in emails he only placed hands on student ‘in a defensive posture’

Conway coach says in emails he only placed hands on student ‘in a defensive posture’

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Former Conway High School football coach Chuck Jordan sent three separate emails explaining his side of the story in the moments and days after an incident that ultimately led to his arrest.

WMBF News obtained the emails through a Freedom of Information Act request. The first is dated May 26 and time stamped 11:59 a.m. Jordan says he was at his desk when a girl who appeared distraught needed help dealing with someone who was being bullied.

"I walked that way and he began to F this and F that," the email says. "I asked his name and he told me to F off and get out of his face."

Jordan's statement says he led the student through the gym and into a hallway, during that time Jordan says the student threatened to kill him.

The incident and first email came on a Friday, the second the following Monday.

It goes into more detail about the initial encounter. Jordan calls the student "obviously out of control." In this email, Jordan says he followed the student into the gym where the student started shouting obscenities at him.

"I followed because I determined he was a threat to other students," Jordan says.

Jordan says the student bumped his chest several times as he was shouting. The email describes the final physical confrontation, saying "Mike (a teacher's aide) approached him (the student) from behind and grabbed him around the chest and pulled him back away from me. Once Mike grabbed him, his body naturally struck mine and I raised my hands in a protective mode."

Video of the incident shows Jordan appearing to place his hands on the student's shoulders and force him into a small hallway or alcove off of the main hallway.

The third and final emailed statement comes at 4:34 p.m. that same day. The email came more than five hours after an email containing a letter placing Jordan on administrative leave.

"First, at no point in time did I place my hands on the individual other than in a defensive posture," the email says. Jordan continues in the email, saying Mike McCants wrapped his arm around the student to protect Jordan. "At that point I raised both hands in a defensive posture as Mr. McCants moved him away from me."

The emails WMBF News obtained also show Jordan kept working in his capacity as football coach in the days after the incident and during his leave. He was emailing other local coaches and athletic directors about a South Carolina High School League reclassification proposal they were working on. Other emails involving student transcripts for potential recruits, incoming transfers who wanted to play football, the team's summer schedule and player discipline.

An Horry County School District spokeswoman referred WMBF News back to the administrative leave letter when asked if any of that work was a violation of his leave. The letter says contact with employees, students and parents was allowed with prior permission.

WMBF News reached out to Jordan, who said he didn't want to comment on the May incident. He did tell us he was working with the other coaches and athletic directors in an advisory capacity as they prepared the reclassification proposal.

View the emails obtained by WMBF News in the PDF document below:

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