Commissioner's resignation shakes up leadership for West Florence Fire District

Commissioner's resignation shakes up leadership for West Florence Fire District

WEST FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – One of five commissioners for the West Florence Fire District has resigned.

That board is responsible for managing fire tax millage and making sure funding is available for fire protection throughout the West Florence Fire District.

Board Chairman Dustin Fails said there will be no special election to fill the vacancy; he said it is the job of the legislature to appoint a new board member.

There is no time line for that appointment, but the chairman said the district will continue to run as a well-oiled machine.

"We will make sure we have the right person in that position. If there is anyone interested that would like to serve on the board of commissioners, fulfill that term, please let us know. We will be glad to put your name in the hat and will pass that along to the representatives," Fails said.

The vacancy leaves no deciding vote should one be needed to break a tie on a decision.

If that's needed, WMBF News asked how the board would proceed, and was told that's a question the legislator would have to answer.

"We've never had that issue in the past and as commissioners we have always been uniformed on all of our decisions to make sure will agree 100 percent in that decision," Fails said.

The commissioner who resigned Linda Lang Gipko; she gave no reason for ending her tenure.

If you remember a little over four years ago, the district was created because people who live in west Florence felt Florence County would tax them too much for fire protection.

Right now, a lawsuit filed by the county, challenging the legality of the district, is pending before the state supreme court.

Fails said since its creation, the district was able to pump more than $200,000 into improving fire service.

"We've purchased a lot of new equipment, brand new extrication equipment for all the trucks. We also have new nozzles, we have purchased a ladder truck, hired additional people and all of those things have happened since the inception of the district." Fails said.

If you live in the West Florence Fire District you are encouraged to the let commissioners know if you are interested in serving.

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