HCS has made accommodations for more students

HCS has made accommodations for more students

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – The school district has made accommodations for the additional 167 students that were not estimated for leading up to this academic school year.

The district welcomed 908 more students this year than last, and originally estimated a student enrollment number of 741.

Spokesperson for Horry County Schools, Lisa Bourcier, said staff members were moved and new hires were made to make sure every student is being taken care of.

"We'll continue to monitor the population. Again, it's going to fluctuate on a daily basis for that, but we're pretty much set for this year," said Bourcier, "We did see about a two percent enrollment growth which has been similar to the last five years."

The River Oaks Elementary School grew the most by 126 students. Next, North Myrtle Beach Middle School grew by 78 students. Carolina Forest High School grew by 72 students. St. James High School grew by 50 students, and Conway Elementary School's enrollment is up by 48 students.

The areas that the district expects to grow in the future is the Carolina Forest area, the Socastee area and the St. James area.

"I don't think it's a surprise to anyone that the county is growing and we are getting additional students to our community. It is something that we have to plan for and budget for," said Bourcier, "It's something that we have to plan for a budget for accordingly and of course those numbers are going to fluctuate a little bit but we were able to make those accommodations as needed."

Bourcier said the school district will continue to monitor enrollment numbers as the year progresses.

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