Surfside Beach volunteer firefighter receives life-changing chair

Surfside Beach volunteer firefighter receives life-changing chair

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - A Surfside Beach Volunteer firefighter received a life changing gift Saturday. The Surfside Beach Fire Department raised thousands of dollars to get Roy Luther a new electronic chair.

"My heart is full right now," said Luther.

The 32-year-old does everything he can around the Surfside Beach Fire Department. The 7-year volunteer has cerebral palsy, but he's never let it slow him down.

"Having a disability is never easy, but having this chair makes it that much easier," said Luther.

This new custom made chair not only helps Roy breathe better, but also helps him stand.

"To be able to be in front of people and hug people and interact with people face to face, it's indescribable what this day means," said Luther.

Roy has always kept busy around the station, helping back in engines, washing the equipment, and answering calls. Now he'll be able to do much more.

"I'm being able to do things easier, reach things, like I said being able to change a lightbulb. It just means so much," said Luther.

The Surfside Beach Fire Department is excited to put him to work.

"He's going to be doing a lot more he's going to be put on the schedule more to do more cleaning and now he'll be able to reach more spots than anybody," said Chief Kevin Otte.

The department started a Go Fund Me page to raise money for the chair back in May. Last month they reached their goal and bought the chair. Now, Luther just has one last request.

"Now if we can just get me a handicap truck sir," joked Luther.

"Maybe the next budget," said Otte.

"It can happen. Anything's possible sir," said Luther.

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