SC HART reflects on rescue efforts in Houston

SC HART reflects on rescue efforts in Houston

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach and Horry County emergency responders who are part of an elite rescue crew are back home after helping in Texas following Hurricane Harvey.

Myrtle Beach Capt. Kenneth Chapman and Lt. Bob Horn, and Horry County Fire Rescue Capt. Brian Archibald and Battalion Chief Edward Begovich headed to Houston at the request of the Texas governor. The four men are part of the South Carolina Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (SC HART).

"We were notified on Thursday evening that be prepared for a possible deployment and we just got ready to go," said Chapman.

The SC Hart Team took off on Aug. 29. Eight members from the ground support team drove and six flew down in black hawk helicopters. When they left, the team said they weren't even sure where they would be staying.

"So we had our tents packed in the trailer, we had water, food, sleeping gear and extra fuel," said Begovich.

Ground crews were set up in Houston, while flight crews headed to the Army National Guard in Texas.

"We met up with the Texas HART team and got our orders. Then we started getting our tasking orders through Texas Task Force One," said Horn.

The team flew over miles of flooded areas to assist anyone in need.

"There was a bunch of reports coming in of people being trapped or in houses. So, they were sending us out to confirm those in places where they couldn't get vehicles in or boats," said Archibald.

The team said leaders from the National Guard specifically requested the South Carolina team.

"That speaks volumes for what we've been able to develop in eight years of building this program," said Begovich.

The SC HART team is required to go through quarterly training and they must be ready to deploy at any time.

"To do something like the task force or rescue team, you do it for two reasons. You do it for the people that you serve and you do it to improve the state and improve the teams," said Begovich

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