Discussion for entertainment overlay district continues Tuesday

Discussion for entertainment overlay district continues Tuesday

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Planning Commission will hear from two more stakeholders that will give them input on the proposed entertainment overlay district Tuesday, hopefully bringing them closer to a final decision.

The Oceanfront Merchants Association and Downtown Redevelopment Corporation are expected to speak at the city's planning commission meeting and give more information on the impacts an overlay district could have.

An entertainment overlay district would make a certain area in the city marked for family-friendly entertainment and retail, prohibiting anything that promotes crudity, drugs or weapons.

The planning commission has already heard from the Myrtle Beach Police Department, Grand Strand Medical Center and the Chamber of Commerce. They have all given their input on situations they have dealt with in the past that may or may not have had a correlation with the memorabilia that is being sold or displayed on Ocean Boulevard.

"We've had some people say, 'Well, is the fact that people are selling knives in shops, is that part of the crime issue?' Are the negative things that people perceive as going on there, are they completely or are they ties to these issues?" said Planning Director Carol Coleman.

The planning commission knew any decision made, because of the timing of the tourist season, wouldn't have a big effect on this year.

Today, the planning commission is hoping to get good information from OMA and the DRC about impacts of an entertainment overlay district.

Once the planning commission hears from these last two organizations, the members will get to look at the ordinance as it was presented from city council and be able to come up with a plan that will benefit the city of Myrtle Beach.

The public hearing for this ordinance will likely take place at the Oct. 17 meeting. A decision is expected in time for next years tourism season.

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